California Vintage Wine Bars Gain Traction in Hong Kong

Sep 27, 2012 07:34 AM EDT by Kristyan Morgan

The California-themed concept seems to be gaining popularity across cosmopolitan Hong Kong.

Cal-Vin Holding LLC, which has a chain of branded wine bar restaurants, recently announced the launch of its second California Vintage in Hong Kong. California Vintage made its Hong Kong debut in 2011.california-vintage2 The second store will be set up in the city of Wan Chai, complete with an industrial chic decor that is reminiscent of CV’s California wine country roots. Another highlight of the Wan Chai location is the attractive redwood bar created from a single piece of wood. According to a press release, the wood is said to be directly sourced from the famous groves of Northern California. Besides, the décor of the restaurant also include original cask barrels that were previously used by vintners of the wines available in the outlet. However, once you step inside, the décor is not limited to the warmth of California country. To cater to tech savvy customers the restaurant has an interactive, user-friendly and tech-enhanced environment with smartcard-enabled dispensing machines and info-loaded iPad menus. The main aim of the California Vintage is to market the California lifestyle, according to its chief branding officer Susan Darwin quoted in the Examiner. “We’re marketing a California lifestyle with a holistic concept that makes a connection between wine, food and ambience.” Meanwhile, speaking about the launch of the second restaurant, Jeff Ronan, CV Operating Partner and General Manager, said in a statement: “CV is proud of the pioneering role it has played in introducing the Asian market to the authentic taste of California in the form of hand-crafted, limited-production wines paired with fresh, seasonal wine country-inspired cuisine. Our concept has been deeply embraced by the market since its debut in January 2011, and we are now excited to extend that experience to a broader audience through our new Wan Chai location.”


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