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January 7 2007

Fat-burning Members Power Hong Kong Fitness Club

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BY JEANNIE CHOE, Engadget,  2007 So we’ve heard of dance clubs powered by fresh moves, but now California Fitness, a Hong Kong-based health club wants to jump on the sustainable people-power wagon too. As...

January 7 2004

Asian Economies Assembling on Firmer Ground

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By Nomura Research Institute, Ltd., Asian Economies Research Unit, January 2004 Summary Regional Overview The Asian economies continue to stand on firmer ground. External demand is recovering on the robust economies of the developed...

August 1 2002

Making Money “the Old Fashioned Way”

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by Allen Lee, ASIAN VENTURE CAPITAL JOURNAL, August 2002 BrandAmerica follows for the franchise route to profits. Don’t you just miss the good old days of the Internet boom? Remember when originality of business...